Most people are not sufficiently informed about their sun sign to be able to apply significant self-healing and self-help thoughts for their success, wholeness and full satisfaction. Sagittarius could use some self-knowledge.

Surely, you could read a description of Sagittarius every day, and still not feel like you got the cogent, digestible, practical information that a person needs to begin every day with its own particular and peculiar challenges.

Sagittarius – 4 Things for Today

And yet, most days are pretty predictably normal so that the conscious and careful individual can get 4 bits of information to get the help they need.

Forewarned is forearmed, and so we begin.

Sagittarius – 4 Things for Today Which You Should Consider:

1) The sign that is concerned with Justice and Fair Play is also the sign that will insult and ridicule like they are on a “mission from God”. So, Sagittarius, what do we say to you? You hurt people’s feelings, but you also dive into the battle saving the tarnished and woe be gone. Let’s tackle fairness first, and then see how the “you don’t sweat much for a fat girl” comes in. The image of the Pegasus or more simply the horse, gives you your boldness and your high handed way of dealing. The poor, the timid and the not so fortunate are glad to have you around, because you knock people on their derrieres.


You’re not afraid to straighten things out according to your point of view, even though you may not be absolutely sure of yourself.

2) You say it like you see it. It creates drama. You might not be right, but you sure do shake things up. When a Sagittarius walks into something controversial, they tend to make it even more so. I guess it should be said: “Think about hurt feelings, because, you have caused many.” Look down deep into your gut, and you see the spirit of the horse romping and stomping. Your impulses give rise to the awkward commentary because you have a funny way of seeing the world. You also have judgmental, “justice” issues because you also see things uniquely.


3) You tend to run into things that have been there for decades. If it is a thousand year old monument, you will probably scrape some old paint from it as you brush by. And this is why you are “iconoclastic”. You are not afraid to bust the old monuments because heaven knows, we can all use a new set of icons as time goes by. So, keep this in mind. Just because you are not afraid to bust up the idols does not mean everyone will appreciate what you are doing. It is a bold and daring thing to break an idol that everyone still worships. Remember that and you could save yourself some pain.

4) Sagittarius, your energy which manifests a hundred times a day is fiery and it is yours. Your thoughts and intellect, which also get powered through your fire could be the answer for many. You energy also whirls around you and makes a tornadic sound. Don’t confuse correctness and righteousness with sureness and passion. Sagittarius can be the most righteous one in the room, and not be able to tell us why! And that’s OK. Just keep on being yourself.


Sagittarius can talk with the running Ram and chat with the Capricorn stuck up on its clif. Then it can course across the valley and relate to the powerful Taurus. Then the ethereal twins of Gemini will whisper in their ears and sing new songs. All this not because it is friendly, all this because it is alive.

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