Pisces and Sagittarius

How To Get Along – Pisces and Sagittarius

The Centaur (Archer) and The Fish

This series on Astro Compatibility will cover all of the potential matchups in the Zodiac. We will continue this series thinking about and commenting on Sagittarius and Pisces.

Pisces and Sagittarius

Pisces – Sagittarius

Pisces is a Mutable Water Sign. Sagittarius is Fire and Mutable. Notice that word “mutable”. It stands out because water and fire are not the most automatic pairing that brings quick harmony. But the mutability makes one focus in on some fascinating characteristics. In addition, they both have that half and half structure. Pisces is in reality two fish images headed in opposite directions and Sagittarius is half man and half horse. These things promise both will have great adaptability.

A look at the two of them shows some wonderful commonalities. They both have an arms wide open kind of approach to their fellow man. Call it compassion or a touching understanding of the human condition, the Pisces and the Sagittarius both live with this kind of mindset. As a foundation for this compassion, comes a mental framework which is idealistic and hopeful.

However, there is a natural tension which arises from the bold Sagittarian heart meeting the wise Piscean soul. That means they have a challenge for each other. Better said, it means that they both can give to each other while they are attempting to unify and get along.

As with dancers and martial artists and singers and other such, style can be a very meaningful difference even though they love, admire and honor the same thing. The honesty of the Archer sometimes “flies all over” the Fish. The Fish does not like to see all the pain that is caused as the Archer tells the truth to people who may or may not get the truth completely enough to change. Subsequently, there is real hurt there, lingering, as far as the Fish is concerned. The Archer dislikes the air of murky mystery that the Fish sometimes swims in to avoid harming and leaving things unclear. In essence, they kind of disagree about a fundamental point of style. This causes some tension and leaves that distinct feeling that they are not very much alike.

Positive Postulate:

Since these contradictory matters exist, but the harmonics are there in great display, they can meet in happy congregation of the major themes in their lives. This duo as partners, lovers, mates, companions can be successful as they arm wrestle each other over their disputes. There is the picture here of people who can help, inspire, provide charity or promulgate a great program for their neighborhood, town or city. Pisces, being nonjudgmental and allowing will help the Archer feel the freedom of its boundless energy. Sagittarius fixated on their urge for the complete truth will see in its partner a purity of intent that many signs do not have.

Romance Recommendation:

Tender treatment would prevail here, as the optimism and spirit of both would dominate the nature of their romance. Pisces presents a sweetness that the Sagittarius would be compelled to cherish. Their romance would tend to reflect their high calling of truth and compassion.

Conflict Quotient:

One of the ways that a new quality could be wrought from this fusion of souls is in the Sagittarian tendency to offend, as long as it’s the truth. This can definitely cause conflict at times. The Fish will clearly communicate that it is hurt or damaged by that truth. This might make the Archer consider its style and redraw aspects of the way it communicates. This is not to say that the Fish would not also learn some lessons, but the conflict, in any case should be restrained for mutual benefit.

Pisces and Sagittarius – Peace Parlay:

Life in the end is repetitive and mundane, and so is Romance itself. This factor asks the question: ” Can we be bored together over the long term? “ Pisces loves to drift down into a quiet flowing tidal area and repair itself after a run down the rapids. The Archer puts on so much mileage that they can also seek to repair itself. Boring is an occasional vacation that they might seek together.

Keep Up The Interest Graph: Counter to their need for refreshment is how this team lives life, psychically or physically, in a multi-colored, multi-faceted inner and outer life of interest. This portends a pretty exciting, interest-filled life. They would not suffer for this potential lack.

Seven Year Itchiness: Pisces would not tend to the 7 year itch unless deeply personally tested because of some inner unmet need. Sagittarius, jumping and shooting would want to get tame and restrained.


ASTROCOMPATIBILITY POSSIBILITY RATING: 70% Positive Long Term – 60% Short Term . The short term could bring together these two high-minded types with great warmth. The long term would be affected by how they were able to help each other grow through tension relief and reaching for their highest ideals.

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