Past Life Psychic Readings

A typical past life reading can be done in several different ways. The most common method involves your chosen clairvoyant using his or her tarot cards to give you a specific reading. Before proceeding, think about what you want to achieve through this reading and alter your expectations. Exploration of your past life is not to be taken lightly, and if you feel a strong connection between your past self or are drawn to the idea, such a reading might be beneficial for you. Keep in mind that not all past lives experiences are positive and pleasant. You may also need to alter your expectations of what you will find out about your past life before getting your reading because readings are highly spiritual and sensitive and things don’t always work exactly according to plan. You may not always receive an image of your own past but you may instead see the past of another person or not at all. Be open to whatever insights you experience during your reading.

Preparations for Past Life Readings

Your past life psychic reading may require you to do some preparation in advance. Grounding and centering yourself to become open to experiences is important. You may be required to turn off your cell phone and other devices to avoid any interruptions during the reading which is essential. Your clairvoyant may play gentle music or burn incense to create a soothing and calming atmosphere and this should make you feel safe, secure, relaxed and empowered, ready to discover and connect with your past self. You will be asked to clear your mind and rid yourself of distractions so that the thoughts and memories will flow more easily and clearly. If you are not familiar with the basics of tarot, at first you may be confused by the process. Do not be afraid to communicate with your clairvoyant. Some of the things you can expect to learn during your session is your gender in your past life, what kind of a family you were born into, your identity and personality, any significant critical situations or life-changing events which you experienced during your past life and how you responded to these events, the life lesson you learned during your past existence, and finally how and in what ways your past existence has affected your present life. Past lives readings are especially unique because it can impact your present existence. While curiosity may be one of the major reasons for seeking a past life reading, do not forget that you can learn invaluable lessons from your past life which can positively influence your present one. Be sure to use the knowledge and wisdom that you have discovered through your past life reading and apply it to better your own life and the lives of others. Do not simply dwell in the past, but look forward to your present life. There are many things to be learned from the past, but do not forget that there are equally important things to be learned from the present. Getting a past life reading can benefit your life in so many different ways! We as humans are curious creatures so do not be afraid to seek a reading first out of curiosity. Looking into your past life can be a rewarding experience. Past life readings allow you to honor your own past and make a spiritual connection with your past self. You can also use the knowledge you gained to better yourself in the present and discover new talents. For example, if you found out that you were a successful artist I your past life, this knowledge could encourage you to try your hand at painting. Thinking about your past lives’ application to your present one can be very fulfilling, and you could further reflect on your discoveries to gain the maximum benefit from your past life tarot session. But your journey of self discovery does not have to end there! Follow-up tarot sessions could help your to uncover more and more about your past lives, because you will certainly have more than one, and if certain cards were inscrutable during your first session, they might open up during your next one. Becoming comfortable with your clairvoyant and learning more about tarot can help you to get a clearer reading, and as your knowledge of tarot expands you will be able to better analyze your past life and its significance for your present life.

Written by astrologyget in Astrology General on Fri 22 April 2016.