Libra and Scorpio

The Law of Attraction is the operation of Universal Law!

Likes attract! Clear thoughts and desires attract the reality.

The stronger and clearer the thought and desire, the stronger the attraction.

When you add gratitude for the fulfillment of your desires (even before it happens) then you magnetise yourself to your supply.

Like attracts like:

If you already had the position If you already had the wealth If you already had the relationships If you already had the things which you seek then you would have no trouble in attracting more - because you would be : psychically connected to that reality. However, when you are not connected to the reality of the abundance which you desire, it is necessary to change your reality to one of becoming connected in order for you to attract your desires!

As they say for all law - the devil is in the detail.

If you want things to change, then your mindset needs to change!

If you want more - then do more!

So how do you lift the veil between you and the world you seek?

How do you get from here to there?

In order for Universal Law to work for you -

you should believe this :- There is more than enough of everything to go around - that is a Universal Guarantee! There is more than enough wealth in the world to go around. There are more than enough opportunities presented to you. There is more than enough love to go around. You are deserving of that which you desire. So where is mine you ask? If you have to ask - Then Ask!

If you do not use affirmations - then you are not asking. Ask and you shall receive! So why aren't you using them?

I have also included one of the best mind-power meditation courses available. It is free, but you have to put in the effort to expand your abilities.

In other words - you will get out of your life exactly what you put in to it!!!

That is also a Universal Law!

Affirmation + Visualization + Action + Gratitude + Belief = Supply.

Written by astrologyget in Astro Compatability on Thu 20 August 2015.