How to Give Psychic Chat Online Readings

Once you have mastered the basic techniques of clairvoyance, psychic chat online readings are another way you can assist others via internet chat rooms.

Reading in a chat room is really no different to giving an in-person or psychic phone reading. As usual, the more you practise your skills and develop your clairvoyance, the more confident and relaxed you will be. And remember, greater relaxation leads to greater accuracy, which is what you're really striving for in your readings.

So to begin giving psychic chat online readings, remove yourself from all distractions and start to relax. Take your focus to your breathing and begin to breathe more deeply than usual, allowing the universal pranic healing energy to flow evenly around your body and gently bring you into a deeper state of mental awareness.

As thoughts about your day or anything else arise in your mind, just let go of them by returning your attention to your breath.

Next, call in your Spirit Guide and invite them to come closer into your aura. Ask your Guide to teach you how to become even more psychic. Feel your Guide around you and be open and sensitive to the first thoughts you receive.

You might receive advice about your lifestyle, diet, meditation practice or other information which will help you to improve your spiritual connections for psychic chat online readings. When you ask your Guide a question, LISTEN to the answer. Your Guide's information will certainly help you to advance much more quickly, and to ignore your Guide's wisdom is to move away from common sense.

When you are ready, say a simple prayer of protection. It might run along the lines of: "I now ask the White Light of the Holy Spirit to surround me in a positive bubble of loving, healing energy and empower me to open up to read from my higher self for all my friends and clients.

"Please protect me always and repel all negativity so that everything I say and do will be for the greater service of God and other people.

"And now, please psychically open me up completely to serve my fellow sisters and brothers as I read for them, and allow my thoughts to be the highest thoughts. Thank you."

When you are ready to begin to give your psychic chat online readings, perhaps after reading a California Psychics Review, sit at your computer and look at the first question you have been sent. As soon as you have read it, tune into Spirit by asking for the psychic answer to the question.

When you receive your first psychic impressions in the next few seconds, begin writing immediately. The less you think about what you hear, see and feel in your mind, the more psychic you will become and therefore the more accurate the reading will be.

Don't censor the first impressions you receive: give them out, and continue in this way for each chat room question you receive. Remember, don't censor, just write.

When you have finished your psychic chat, pass on your thanks to your online friend and then thank God and your Spirit Guide for providing you with the answers to help those in need. Your psychic session has now finished and you are ready to resume other daily activities knowing that you have given everything spiritually to those who asked for your help.

A Word of Warning About Psychic Chat Online Readings

Please be careful who you read for online and in chat rooms. Just as you wouldn't reveal everything to a stranger, please make sure the online community you are giving readings for is one which you feel comfortable with and are happy to provide spiritual advice to from your higher self.

If you are in any doubt about whether you should give online readings, ask your Spirit Guide for some advice. Again, listen to your Guide closely because they will always give you more constructive and helpful wisdom than anyone else around you. Your Guide always has your best interests at heart.

Not everyone feels comfortable linking up on the internet to give readings, but if you feel inclined to follow this path, chat rooms represent another way Spirit can work through you for the spiritual service of others.

Written by astrologyget in Astrology General on Sat 30 January 2016.