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Gemini – Celebrities and You

Written by astrologyget in Astrology General on Wed 24 August 2016.

They say that Gemini’s are made for the theatre, the movies, TV.  Clever dialogue, dance and the feeling that you all just arrived from Heaven with your toes still twinkling.  They are lively and energetic as well as versatile and intellectual. Their minds are always working, which creates a panoply of essays, tales, stories, word play and gossip.  Their wit and humor attract people and because Geminis are such fun to be with, they are often surrounded by many loyal friends throughout their lives.

Geminis  gravitate to the arts such as acting, music, writing because they are so good at communication. Because of their great skills, Geminis are often able to persuade people to do almost anything.

Kennedy and Dylan

John F. Kennedy was a magnificent speaker who long after other things are forgotten about him, will be remembered for his clever turn of a phrase.  Under the topic of communication and the power of the transformed word in poetry, song, or other short essay forms of literature, don’t skip Bob Dylan when you ponder all of his contributions.  Bob Dylan came out of a Minnesota mining town and held fans in stunning admiration for album after album.  Sure, he was a singer, but a strange one.  By far, he was a poet, but did not just write about love.  He wrote about social change, the mood of generations and deeper, bigger, wider thought patterns than the simple tunes that were playing alongside his.  The Times they were a changing when he wrote The Times They Are A Changing.  And when he said “Admit that the waters around you have grown”, we all had to.

Versatility is a key word for Gemini and you can’t give the short shrift to Bob Hope or Clint Eastwood in regard to the many hats that they wore and wear during their careers.  Bob was a talker, promoter, dancer, comedian, singer, actor and voice of Hollywood for his nearly 100 years.    He was also an incredible investor who Real Estate holdings in the Los Angeles area were legendary.

Hope and Eastwood

Take note of Clint.  Actor, Writer, Producer, Director and almost everything else you can do in front of or behind the camera.  When he produced Play Misty For Me, he told the interviewer that he put it together for about $100,000.  Of course now, its take is legendary.  In his later years, he has turned the Director’s Chair, the Producer and the Packager into his comfortable home.  Like Bob Hope, he seems to not be aging.  “Eternal Youthfulness” seems to be their trait.

John Wayne

While we are gazing at the horizon, we might not want to forget  John Wayne, who some say is the greatest star in all of movie history.  He was also a versatile producer, director and conjurer of projects.  His movie company kept on churning through the decades.  He acted from the 30′s to the 70′s and has become the definition of icon.

Marilyn Monroe and Judy Garland

One astrologer said that it is as if the Gemini doesn’t really touch the ground.  They sometimes can have a lost airy quality which gives them a heavenly or spritely demeanor.  You might have heard of Marilyn Monroe and Judy Garland.  Judy warbled so that her fans could not stop listening to her.


Somewhere Over the Rainbowmay be the world’s number one recording.  Photos of Marilyn will grace the walls of bars, restaurants, museums, movies and documentaries and libraries for hundreds of years to come.   Her arresting image made cameras click and people go paralyzed.    Both of these ladies had early demises, a kind of opposite tune played by the Gemini male.  Who knows what goes in that respect, but we cannot deny the transcendent magical quality of their breath-arresting visages.

Paul McCartney

And of yes, the immortal Paul McCartney is also a Gemini.   Words piled up in beautiful organized reverie.  Tunes usher forth  from his mouth and pen and guitar.  His genius may never really be fully understood, but one thing is for sure, you can’t beat Paul McCartney.   At bar room discussions and arguments made to never end, the worst enemy of Paul McCartney, or his most unabashed critic can never diminish the sheer work load, the unbelievable fame and the versatility that seems to come from a boundless place in his soul.

Dean Martin

If you are a Gemini, out there, and find yourself puzzled at times, and occasionally wondering why you are who you are.  Take the advice of so many of these examples.   Keep moving forward.   Don’t feel like you are closed in or limited.  Keep up your spirit and your output and maintain that inner merriment that keeps everyone just a little bit more alive than they were before you showed up.  When Dean Martinbroke up with Jerry Lewis, the world thought Dean was done.  The Gemini just picked up with his singing, acting and comedy and movie and TV and became one of the most versatile people in Hollywood.  Don’t give up Gemini.  Keep exploring your talents.  These celebrities are there for more than just entertainment.


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Past Life Psychic Readings

Written by astrologyget in Astrology General on Fri 22 April 2016.

A typical past life reading can be done in several different ways. The most common method involves your chosen clairvoyant using his or her tarot cards to give you a specific reading. Before proceeding, think about what you want to achieve through this reading and alter your expectations. Exploration of your past life is not to be taken lightly, and if you feel a strong connection between your past self or are drawn to the idea, such a reading might be beneficial for you. Keep in mind that not all past lives experiences are positive and pleasant. You may also need to alter your expectations of what you will find out about your past life before getting your reading because readings are highly spiritual and sensitive and things don’t always work exactly according to plan. You may not always receive an image of your own past but you may instead see the past of another person or not at all. Be open to whatever insights you experience during your reading.

Preparations for Past Life Readings

Your past life psychic reading may require you to do some preparation in advance. Grounding and centering yourself to become open to experiences is important. You may be required to turn off your cell phone and other devices to avoid any interruptions during the reading which is essential. Your clairvoyant may play gentle music or burn incense to create a soothing and calming atmosphere and this should make you feel safe, secure, relaxed and empowered, ready to discover and connect with your past self. You will be asked to clear your mind and rid yourself of distractions so that the thoughts and memories will flow more easily and clearly. If you are not familiar with the basics of tarot, at first you may be confused by the process. Do not be afraid to communicate with your clairvoyant. Some of the things you can expect to learn during your session is your gender in your past life, what kind of a family you were born into, your identity and personality, any significant critical situations or life-changing events which you experienced during your past life and how you responded to these events, the life lesson you learned during your past existence, and finally how and in what ways your past existence has affected your present life. Past lives readings are especially unique because it can impact your present existence. While curiosity may be one of the major reasons for seeking a past life reading, do not forget that you can learn invaluable lessons from your past life which can positively influence your present one. Be sure to use the knowledge and wisdom that you have discovered through your past life reading and apply it to better your own life and the lives of others. Do not simply dwell in the past, but look forward to your present life. There are many things to be learned from the past, but do not forget that there are equally important things to be learned from the present. Getting a past life reading can benefit your life in so many different ways! We as humans are curious creatures so do not be afraid to seek a reading first out of curiosity. Looking into your past life can be a rewarding experience. Past life readings allow you to honor your own past and make a spiritual connection with your past self. You can also use the knowledge you gained to better yourself in the present and discover new talents. For example, if you found out that you were a successful artist I your past life, this knowledge could encourage you to try your hand at painting. Thinking about your past lives’ application to your present one can be very fulfilling, and you could further reflect on your discoveries to gain the maximum benefit from your past life tarot session. But your journey of self discovery does not have to end there! Follow-up tarot sessions could help your to uncover more and more about your past lives, because you will certainly have more than one, and if certain cards were inscrutable during your first session, they might open up during your next one. Becoming comfortable with your clairvoyant and learning more about tarot can help you to get a clearer reading, and as your knowledge of tarot expands you will be able to better analyze your past life and its significance for your present life.

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How to Give Psychic Chat Online Readings

Written by astrologyget in Astrology General on Sat 30 January 2016.

Once you have mastered the basic techniques of clairvoyance, psychic chat online readings are another way you can assist others via internet chat rooms.

Reading in a chat room is really no different to giving an in-person or psychic phone reading. As usual, the more you practise your skills and develop your clairvoyance, the more confident and relaxed you will be. And remember, greater relaxation leads to greater accuracy, which is what you're really striving for in your readings.

So to begin giving psychic chat online readings, remove yourself from all distractions and start to relax. Take your focus to your breathing and begin to breathe more deeply than usual, allowing the universal pranic healing energy to flow evenly around your body and gently bring you into a deeper state of mental awareness.

As thoughts about your day or anything else arise in your mind, just let go of them by returning your attention to your breath.

Next, call in your Spirit Guide and invite them to come closer into your aura. Ask your Guide to teach you how to become even more psychic. Feel your Guide around you and be open and sensitive to the first thoughts you receive.

You might receive advice about your lifestyle, diet, meditation practice or other information which will help you to improve your spiritual connections for psychic chat online readings. When you ask your Guide a question, LISTEN to the answer. Your Guide's information will certainly help you to advance much more quickly, and to ignore your Guide's wisdom is to move away from common sense.

When you are ready, say a simple prayer of protection. It might run along the lines of: "I now ask the White Light of the Holy Spirit to surround me in a positive bubble of loving, healing energy and empower me to open up to read from my higher self for all my friends and clients.

"Please protect me always and repel all negativity so that everything I say and do will be for the greater service of God and other people.

"And now, please psychically open me up completely to serve my fellow sisters and brothers as I read for them, and allow my thoughts to be the highest thoughts. Thank you."

When you are ready to begin to give your psychic chat online readings, perhaps after reading a California Psychics Review, sit at your computer and look at the first question you have been sent. As soon as you have read it, tune into Spirit by asking for the psychic answer to the question.

When you receive your first psychic impressions in the next few seconds, begin writing immediately. The less you think about what you hear, see and feel in your mind, the more psychic you will become and therefore the more accurate the reading will be.

Don't censor the first impressions you receive: give them out, and continue in this way for each chat room question you receive. Remember, don't censor, just write.

When you have finished your psychic chat, pass on your thanks to your online friend and then thank God and your Spirit Guide for providing you with the answers to help those in need. Your psychic session has now finished and you are ready to resume other daily activities knowing that you have given everything spiritually to those who asked for your help.

A Word of Warning About Psychic Chat Online Readings

Please be careful who you read for online and in chat rooms. Just as you wouldn't reveal everything to a stranger, please make sure the online community you are giving readings for is one which you feel comfortable with and are happy to provide spiritual advice to from your higher self.

If you are in any doubt about whether you should give online readings, ask your Spirit Guide for some advice. Again, listen to your Guide closely because they will always give you more constructive and helpful wisdom than anyone else around you. Your Guide always has your best interests at heart.

Not everyone feels comfortable linking up on the internet to give readings, but if you feel inclined to follow this path, chat rooms represent another way Spirit can work through you for the spiritual service of others.

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How to Get Along Libra Scorpio Sagittarius

Written by astrologyget in Astrology General on Thu 20 March 2014.


This is the psychic story of Nagari. I relate it in part to help express the difficulty that I felt when attempting to find a quality psychic near me (something I also cover in this article: Local Palm Readers, Fortune Tellers, Real Psychic Mediums & More).

Many years ago, whilst on retreat, I had the extreme good fortune to live in a house at a remote bay on an island off northern Australia.

It is known that a tribe of Aborigines once inhabited this island and some of their ceremonious sites have been discovered, in particular the mens sacred places.

Over a period of many months I had thoroughly explored the area, and was familiar and at home there - with one exception.

In the evenings if I walked to one end of the beach of the bay I would be overtaken by an overwhelming feeling of despair as I approached.

For quite some time I avoided that particular area on my evening walks, but I observed it from the balcony of the house regularly.

On occasions at night, I would see a light flitting among the rocks just back from the beach. If I went to investigate, the feeling of despair or dread would increase as I approached.

Eventually it became clear that the feelings were not mine, but were coming from the rocks at the end of the bay, so one night I approached the rocks, sat down and meditated on the presence emanating from the area.

There was the unmistakable feeling of an entity there, so I called to the entity and asked them not to be afraid as I was aware of their presence and wished to help.

Gradually the sense of fear diminished somewhat, so I bid the entity farewell and withdrew.

I repeated the process for three more nights - being able to approach closer and closer each night.

On the fourth night, the entity revealed herself to me and this is her story as I perceived it to be.

It is with the greatest respect for the Wulgurukaba people that I relate this psychic story.

Long ago, before European settlement of Australia, when Australian natives inhabited the islands off the Australian Coast, the women of the Wulgurukaba people had their own special spiritual site for their ceremonies.

Today, these ceremonies would be referred to as Secret Womens Business.

The site was located in a sheltered bay and it was here that a young Aboriginal girl named Ngari was preparing herself for the womens ceremony to mark her passing into the sisters of womanhood.

Her rite of passage.

All the girls of her age and the women of the tribe, were gathered by the shore of the bay where these secret womens ceremonies were held.

The girls were told they must hide themselves amongst the rocks at the end of the bay and wait until they were called, which they did.

One by one each of the girls were called and emerged from their hiding place to be inducted as women of the tribe. Finally, at last only Ngari remained hidden amongst the rocks.

Before Ngari could be called, a huge wave was seen approaching the shore, and the women screamed and ran for high ground.

However, Ngari, faithful to her instruction, remained crouched amongst the rocks. The waters rushed in, dashed her against the rocks and swept her lifeless body out into the bay.

Until she is called to join the women of her tribe, the spirit of Ngari has remained, hiding amongst the rocks at the end of the bay, where she has waited and waited ....

On my psychic groups' next full moon gathering on the beach, I told this psychic story.

So we gathered in a circle and sent love and light to the entity of Ngari and asked the guides and spirits which were present to show her the way to the light so she could be with her people.

The following night when I went for my evening stroll on the beach, I approached the rocks at the end of the bay to find nothing but the peace and serenity of the surrounding nature.

Our psychic story had a happy ending!

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