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Virgo Code


The first time you read anything astrological, you say: “Where did they come up with these animals and humans?” And then your next logical question is “How do these characteristics transfer some kind of meaning to the adherent?”

What do the characteristics of a scorpion, or a horse, or a goat or a lion tell us? Then you read what those animalistic or humanistic characters and they communicate something to you. 

The Personal Process of Embracing Your Sun Sign

In the case of a Ram let’s say, the images are bold, violent, energetic, youthful, challenging. Each person can come up with their own images. This tends to be a personal subjective process. These images, like a bag of treats, can hold many subjective, and even somewhat contradictory tendencies. But because these images are quite defined and “agreed upon” by nature itself, these figures become solidified over time.

Cancers who embrace “Moonchild” and don’t like the “Crab”

In my years of counseling, I have found that “stumbling” over these images causes problems and misapprehensions. Of course this ancient art did not generate these images for our entertainment. So when the Cancer embraces Moonchild, she also might be missing some meaning because she does not get the Coding in back of the Symbol. It might be more profitable to more completely focus on the Code, instead of the symbol. After all, what does a pair of fish going in opposite directions really tell the average Pisces? Isn’t there a Code that can be more enlightening? The answer is “Yes”.

The Reverse Engineered Coding that like a Laser Beam, Can Shine on your Soul

In each of these “reverse engineering” articles, I will focus on the larger code above the sun sign symbol, which in actual text will give us clear meaning, and thus a path to success, above the descriptive images the sun sign gives us.

Virgo.  What is the Virgo Code?  The Programming is Both Virginal and Critical.  Put those together and You Get a Powerful Critic Who Can’t Figure out why the World Does not Understand Them.

The Virgo or Virginal Image creates problems, first of all for men, and second of all for non-virginal women!  This image is confusing. One Virgo said: “Is it saying I am moral? Is it saying I am stupid and moral? Is it good to be naïve?

“How do you get a sun sign picture in your head which actually means something to say a Six foot three, Lumberjack?” It is actually no wonder that Virgos, as a group, tend not to subscribe to astrology. Forget their practicality – why would they warm up to an image of an innocent young female who is not experienced sexually?

Sexual Immaturity Is Not the Point of the Symbol!

Actually once you understand the image, it is a fascinating symbol. It is overly honest, and therefore critical, but not evil or malicious. That is where the virginal aspect comes in. Seeing things in a surface manner, or overly objectively. They are the mechanics, the mathematicians and the do it all servants of the zodiac. It is a sign like this that begs for Reverse Engineering.

Mutable Earth

How does nature manifest in such strange ways? There are many curious things on this planet, things that don’t appear to work together are often the reason why. Mutable means changing in form. It moves along the course of reality and changes as it goes. Earth without the help of water in the image comes up dust. Small particles of dust. Virgos are detail-oriented. Virgos are excellent with the smallest things and are fantastic at pointing out the smallest of issues. Because the Virgo sees reality in these terms, it is often overwhelmed by muddy, murky, opaque and dynamically dark things. They can easily become disconcerted and distraught because much of the world is not as easily comprehended as “mutable earth”. Virgos are the best at what they do, but they are not sure why. Since the world is confusing and complex, many souls on this planet are content to be confused. The Virgin however sees the tiny particles of dust, moving along the plane of existence, and thus is not accustomed to being confounded. But they do get frustrated and dyspeptic. The world gives them an upset stomach.

Not Muddy Earth, Not Firey Earth – Mutable Earth

It is both confusing to think of a big man who is a wrestler as a Virgin, and it is clarifying. If you add the end of Summer, you can see how their consciousness is flooded with things, and fruits, and bounty. Death, cold winds, mud and confusion are not on their note cards. You can see them sifting through the crops in nice long lines, with full heads of wheat and blossom and fruit. Bread is a Virgo thing. Now go one step further. Turn the Virgo around and make him face crazy people, multiple complexities, hate, war and completely turned around nutsy people. These mutable earthy summery people have to smile at all of us crazies; if they don’t laugh they will fall in complete bemusement at the wild world God has allowed us to experience.

The Code That Makes Virgo – Mutable Earth Summer

Here we are Virgo, in this series of broken down codes which go into making this “Movie About Me”. There you are, in the vivid admixture of dream and vision you are “Mutable Earth Summer”. If you use these three code words for your own inspiration and instruction, you can go way beyond what others think a mere Virgo is. You can truly look out over the problems you face and see in your unique and special way how and why your realities can be fixed and prepared as only a sweet virginal mind can. Truly new creations can emerge from your clear mind. The world is waiting for the never before seen, and the truly new can come from you.

To me, one of the most mysterious combinations is “mutable earth”! Ask yourself, in the quiet minutes of self examination what this might mean to you. Virgos are not given to self-examination, and yet this deep mystery begs for some mystery thinking. You can do it. Let your mind bend a little. Are there ideas that might spring into existence surrounding work or your professional challenges? Are there loved ones and friends or relatives who are counting on you in ways that a Virgo might not immediately think of? Watch the art that springs from your fingers. Things do not come from us unless we see them as possibilities. Ask yourself if you can see yourself in more noble and refined ways. Ask yourself if there is a better you out there? Virgos do not tend to see themselves critically. It will be up to you.

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  1. More Help says:

    You have a lot of useful pointers on this site. This is a well written article that I have bookmarked for future reading. Have a fun.

  2. bölüm says:

    Seriously essential submit admin good one particular i bookmarked your website site see you in next website put up.

  3. admin says:

    Underneath Virgos its a complex world. They aren’t just there because they are kind and critical. They are here for all of us to benefit from.

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