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Pisces and Virgo – Mutable Duo -

Virgin and the Fish

This series on AstroCompatibility will cover all of the potential matchups in the Zodiac. We will continue this series thinking about and commenting on Pisces and Virgo.

Pisces and Virgo - Pisces is Water and Mutable. Virgo is Earth and Mutable. What Pisces majors in, Virgo does not even entertain. What Virgo thinks about constantly, Pisces sees as the “distractions of reality”.   Pisces and Virgo make a strange pair. At first glance, they could hardly be more different.   Sometimes this makes a good relationship.  Pisces and Virgo, when there is love and attraction, the action of the divine can be involved – manifesting the need for transformation. Sometimes interesting relationships can be soul changing. Sometimes not. This may be the key to any attraction felt, and might be an essential to the Virgo’s growth with this person. The Pisces creates two feelings in the Virgo. Virgo watches the action of Neptune in the Fish’s life. Dreaming for a parking spot, waxing bold about long held dreams, thinking the unthinkable, having compassion on complete down and out strangers, dropping into a club, that Virgo alone would never do – these are all things the Virgin observes with its critical nature and rolls their eyes over. Then, on the deep interior, Virgo is envious and admiring at the same time. Just because Pisces falls out of bed doing what the Virgin could not contemplate, they are a mystery. If the Virgo is in a state of expansive growth in this life time, they might be growing toward loosening up many of their white-knuckle standards. If this is true, this could be the secret essence of Virgo’s attraction and love for its Fish.
Pisces inexplicable and sometimes unimaginable insight and comprehension, makes their life energy sometimes low on the basic details of life.

The amazing thing is that the sometimes religious or mystical fervor that they have, allows them to live a modern stressful life. And then, the “Aha” occurs. Maybe this is why they are attracted to the Virgin. They see the utter innocence of the Soul, the loving and naïve heart that is marching through the world, trying to improve outer conditions wherever they go. Pisces is also a sweet soul. Both of these sweet souls have not only much to offer each other, but when they hold each other in each others’ arms, they can feel the unity working. Pisces knows much about the spiritual terrain of the soul. It may have travelled inwardly for many lifetimes. It is like knowing paths in the Himalayas. The grid up there would make the Virgo feel “foreign”. Pisces can help hold the hand and point out the stones in the mountain paths. And Virgo can make the budget, pay the bills, bring the right food and purchase the right books for the journey. This might be a little too heavy for this couple; however, it is a potential, but idealized way of understanding why these two would have something for each other.

Positive Postulate: The Fish and The Virgin can present a warm and pleasant image to the public. Positively, they could wake each morning with their different views of the world, but a harmony that comes from liking the fact that they do see it all differently. The positive postulate with this union is that they would be highly balanced. What one could not address, the other could. This would give them a “worldly” kind of understanding and a cosmopolitan way that might be surprising to their friends and relatives.

Romance Recommendation: Romance presents everyone with the challenge of blending the physical and the emotional, the psychic and the psychological. Romance and the need for it show the Fish and The Virgin that they can meet each other, with their differences, in the world of romance. Yes, they will be different in romance, like they are in everything else. The key will be in appreciating the differences. Neither are “high energy” dramatic acrobats. This would predict a happy mellow romance.

Conflict Quotient: Pisces, seeing the world as they do, can end up taking unpredictable points of view on many things. Virgo would tend to see that there is one answer to things. Conflict will be automatic here. How heated will be the big question. Hopefully, the soulful gentleness of each will alleviate extremes of opinion.

Peace Parlay: Life in the end is repetitive and mundane, and so is Romance itself. This factor asks the question: ” Can we be bored together over the long term? “ Pisces can stop in the middle of a murky underwater cave and inhabit it for a bit. Boredom could take over. But a second later they could be streaming along the surface. Virgo could hardly spell boring. The two could be outwardly and inwardly in a state of unrest practically all the time, leading to a distinct lack of boredom.

Keep Up The Interest Graph: Virgo can get so immersed in its schedules and agendas and helpful projects that a life of “interest” would be a good idea, it just has to be actually on their calendar. Pisces can provide plenty of ideas, both in the outerworld and the netherworld and the world of imagination.

Seven Year Itchiness: There are some signs that by their nature are more stable in their love interests and family concerns as time goes on. Others are not. Pisces could “wander off the reservation”, only by swimming too far, looking for what it was not sure of. Virgo would hopefully help prevent this possibility. Virgo would not tend to allow for a 7 year itch, but would definitely note it as something that others fall prey to.

ASTROCOMPATIBILITY POSSIBILITY RATING: 65% Positive Long Term – 70% Short Term . For short term relationships, their unique natures could magnetize. Long term, they would either find each other just too different, or be completely exploratory of how all of their differences could enhance the lives of each and truly begin to transform their personalities and inner selves.

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