Astrologygetalong.com is a Place to Look at Ourselves through Psychology, Romance, Achievement, History and More; Against the Background of the Stars

A look at Astrologygetalong.com will show you that we deal with history, current events, psychology, sexuality and prophecies and end of the world topics. So, in addition to astrology topics, astrologygetalong.com is always writing about what is current and what might be the subject of speculation. Astrologygetalong.com selects all the potential partners in the zodiac to personalize your search for Wisdom.

Yes. It’s about astrology, but less than half. Try to be a “Scholar on the Paths of the Human Spirit”. For it is in the intensity of the subjective experience of daily life that our meaning gets constantly emphasized, redrawn and confirmed. Yes, we are about astrology, but we bring a love for and attention to the life of the family, along with the broad topics of Romance, Health, Religion, Reincarnation, Prophecies, Science, Sociology and Spirituality.

There is a humorous old phrase that speaks of life’s subjectivity and our daily battles at finding meaning: “You annoy me, and therefore I exist”. Astrologygetalong.com is dedicated to helping the natural annoyances and challenges of life give us our confirmation that we are down here to learn new things, and stretch as we undergo transformation. As we come from our past, we step on this planet anew to become a thing that has never existed before. There are automatic, default and fully conscious ways to do this. We endorse the latter and try to point the way through these means. Astrology is the main theme woven through our multi-hued tapestry.